Copy of Hannya

Role: Illustration, Design, 3D, Animation

Audio Assets by standingwave

Hannya is the result of research on Japanese tattoos. I was interested in the history behind common Japanese tattoo designs and this subject caught my interest. The Hannya mask symbolizes the complexity of human emotions. When viewed straight ahead the mask appears angry, but when tilted down the demonic appearance looks sorrowful. Some masks were crafted so well that they displayed nuances of emotion from several angles. In Japanese theater, the mask was used to depict the tragic figure of a betrayed and angry woman who transformed into Hannya demon. 


After my research, I decided to draw two different options of a Hannya mask. One far more demonic than the other. I knew I wanted to animate this drawing somehow so I tried to keep in mind as I was drawing, how pieces could work structurally in C4D. Once I settled on a design, I rendered out my sketch in Illustrator and imported the paths into C4D to move forward with modeling and animation. 


Once the model and animation was complete, I rendered out my animation and brought it into After Effects for post treatment.


Audio is what really brings the magic of an animation together. I've always found Shinto chanting to be captivating and I really wanted to grab the viewer's interest immediately. I started the piece with a large bang of the drum followed by a long deep chanting sound. The hair was a lot of fun to make sound effects for. I found a couple of great tentacle squid assets by standingwave and alternated the sounds, decreasing the pauses between them as the swirl intensified.