This started as a pixel sorting experiment that slowly developed into what you see now. I wanted more control over how the fire behaved and didn't want to composite sections of stock footage or use heavy plugins that would slow down my computer. I found a way to generate the fire by combination of fractal noise, turbulent displace, liquify and several other effects native to After Effects.

I composited the background in photoshop grabbing ornate frames that looked close to the baroque period. At the time I doing a rewatch of Harry Potter and the image of the House Black tapestry with the lineage of wizards embroidered into the fabric was so beautiful yet menacing. I wanted to bring that across into Haughty. However, instead of a family tree on a wall I wanted subjects that appeared to adore fire, adore the king and queen in the center. I ended up grabbing sections of art from artists such as by Georges de La Tour, Peter Paul Rubens, Joseph Wright; I felt that chiaroscuro art would match well with the direction I was going. 

I did some additional compositing and color correction in After Effects and then added music for the final touch. 

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I was struggling with the shadows in the scene and as a quick fix I imported the silhouette of of all the frames into c4d and extruded them. Lit the scene to match and then exported the sequence to composite in after effects. 

In an alternate direction I played with the idea of having gold scale the walls in a fire like formation. 


Iterations of the fire working towards improving the look.