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Hi, I’m Michelleanne Grepo (Michelle or MA for short). I’m a multidisciplinary creative currently freelancing in Los Angeles, CA.

I began my professional career as a Graphic Designer, next an Interactive Designer, where I programmed and designed my heart out, working my way up to Art Director where I had the privilege to work on several AWWWARDS and FWA recipient projects.

I have always had a passion for illustration and animation, so two years ago I decided to go full-time freelance working as a Animator, Designer, and Illustrator. I have had the honor to work with so many creative people throughout my career and I look forward to what the future has to bring!

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▵ Elastic ▾ Laundry ▵ The Refinery Creative AV▾ Revolution Messaging ▵ Substance ▾ RED Interactive ▵
▾ Avatarlabs ▵ Unfold ▾ Insight Creative Group ▵ Midnight Oil ▾


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