Illustration, Design, Animation

Illustrator, After Effects

Music from BumbleJod
00:10 Video asset from the Overwatch Trailer "Alive" 




This was an earlier design of the HUD. It had an interesting look, but as I was animating it I saw that the design was superfluous. Just another realization how much a static design doesn't always translate well into animation. Some elements aren't worth having and the saying "keep it simple stupid" comes to mind. 

When I was animating the HUD design the distance in z-space between each layer wasn't very dramatic from a front angle so I played with the camera to add more visual interest to the design.

At one point during the design process I thought of including treated clips of other characters to the piece and adding more HUD designs based on each character. This was an early render test of treating a clip from the Overwatch Trailer "Alive".